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Over the long weekend we decided to make the most of the extra time off and got a few guys and their cars together for some photo opportunities and a good ol’ chat. So in next to no time we rounded up the following cars and their owners and organised a Freshly Whipped Mini Meet.\r\n\r\nS14 Silvia\r\n\r\nThis off white S14 Silvia is a perfect example of how good S-Chassis cars can look without crazy bodykits and zero ground clearance.\r\n\r\nR33 Skyline\r\n\r\nThis shiny R33 Skyline Series 2 is truly a car belonging to an enthusiast. Keeping it stock, but with subtle additions. It’s great to see these cars still intact.\r\n\r\nCivic\r\n\r\nTidy is an understatement when describing this EK Civic. For a fairly common car is it quite distinctive with its black front lip.\r\n\r\nCivic\r\n\r\nUnder the hood is a B18C from a Type R Integra. The heat shielding around the headers shows this car means business. It recently pulled 14′s at Meremere Dragstrip.\r\n\r\nPrelude\r\n\r\nLook familiar? Ben has treated his ‘lolwut’ Prelude to some new Work CR Kai replicas.\r\n\r\nPrelude\r\n\r\nPossibly one of the cleanest Preludes we’ve ever seen; I can’t wait to see what Ben does to it next.\r\n\r\nFalcon\r\n\r\nWe didn’t just have Japanese cars at this mini meet. We had an Australian turn up too. This XF Falcon has been cleaned up very well, with restored wheels and a completely redone interior.\r\n\r\n180sx\r\n\r\nSome of you may remember this 180sx from previous posts. As per usual the car was looking very flush and brutal. Some cars look good when they’re a tad dodgy.\r\n\r\nR33 Skyline\r\n\r\nAs we moved to the next spot, the cars lined up against the wall. This GTST R33 is amazingly clean. We told the guys to clean their cars, but this was an understatement. It’s great to see cars being treated right.\r\n\r\nLaurel\r\n\r\nLaurel’s have really started to be noticed in the tuning scene over the past few years. With the likes of Jason Sellers and his C33 Laurel Drifter, many have jumped at the chance of doing the same.\r\n\r\nLaurel\r\n\r\nThis Laurel has to be one of the cleanest I’ve seen in the country. With all fairly subtle mods and era original paint also. This car makes me want to go out and buy one.\r\n\r\nLaurel\r\n\r\nThe engine work has been amazingly done and hasn’t been done the easy way. With an RB25DE+T from a RS4 Stagea, this car packs some serious punch with 252kw’s.\r\n\r\nHondas\r\n\r\nI wish my car had amazing paint. These two cars have such amazing paint, that with some elbow grease always come up looking shiny.\r\n\r\nLaurel\r\n\r\nAs the night ended, we all rolled off safely and chucked some stickers on the cars. Hopefully we’ll be having some more of these meets more often. It’s a great way for people showcase their cars to us and get a shoot in.\r\n\r\nPlease note this meet took place before the NZHondas meet.\r\n\r\n-Jarrod & Chris 

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