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Once again the Hori Dori crew have decided to return to the infamous Taupo Track 3. Usually basing themselves at Meremere’s Drag Strip, the Hori Dori gang sometimes hires Taupo instead for some of the more experienced gang to get their drift on. The little track off to one side of the main track provides a good area for drifting and spectating alike – but it’s better when the weather holds off.\r\n\r\nIMG_1823\r\nThat didn’t stop Jake Mills out in his little KP Starlet. The car’s running a SR20DE which helps push the weightless shell to mass angle around the track with the help of some Keto Knuckles.\r\n\r\nIMG_1847\r\nThe day started looking pretty grim by midday. That didn’t stop the Shane Windley from getting his 180sx wet and out on track. I love seeing pop up headlights being used, something new cars sadly don’t get the privilege of having.\r\n\r\nIMG_2121In fact it most certainly didn’t stop the boys coming out. They were out in the masses with John O’Gorman leading the pack in his RB30DET powered S15.\r\n\r\nIMG_1977\r\nIn fact in someways they’re battling harder in the rain than usual – getting up close and rubbing bumpers into the corners. Joe and Dylan were at it all day, RB25DET vs RB20DET.\r\n\r\nIMG_1870\r\n\r\nBut the weather went on and on and sadly a few of the drivers called it quits before it began. Joe kept at it, fighting against the shocking rain and drifting at slow speeds through the corners.\r\n\r\nIMG_1939\r\n\r\nEven with the rain out, many of the boys kept going as their cars could now keep up with eachother and battle easier. It’s a bit of a restriction in someways but when it stops tyres from being shredding and horsepower from being a major factor, it’s great. 30ELYF\r\n\r\nIMG_2368\r\n\r\nNeal put on a show as expected with his RB30E powered Cefiro. The car throws in with huge lock, something you wouldn’t expect from a Cefiro.. Thanks to Keto Knuckles once again.\r\n\r\nIMG_2015\r\nI’m loving the bodykit on this S15, very clean and well done. Looks pretty good in the rain too.\r\n\r\nIMG_2047\r\nStefan Kahn was putting in a good effort, throwing it into the first corner S14 SR20DET style.\r\n\r\nIMG_2236\r\n\r\nI was amazed at how well Nathan was doing in his R32, also running an RB20DET! Slammed 4 doors have become quite the trend lately with their long flat appearance. Can’t dislike a slammed 4 door R32 on stock kit.\r\n\r\nIMG_1858\r\n\r\n\r\nCefiro’s, R32’s and RB20DET’s were definitely on the menu at Taupo with Dylan’s combination proving to be quite awesome!\r\n\r\nIMG_1862\r\n\r\nNate was out testing his newly refreshed S14 drift car!\r\n\r\nIMG_1957\r\n\r\nAlas the water kept on pounding and the cars kept taking it.\r\n\r\nIMG_2383\r\nLuckily though some cars just look cool in any weather conditions.\r\n\r\nHere’s hoping for clear weather next time!\r\n\r\nWill have a full album of photos up on Facebook to view.\r\n\r\nKeep up to date with Hori Dori on Facebook.\r\n\r\n-Chris

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