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So instead of going along and doing a post on what was at the show, this year I thought I’d do something a little different. Disregarding the winners as announced by the team at 4&R, and instead announcing my own ‘winners’. These are the cars that really stood out at the show for me; ones that have had a lot of thought and care put into them to make something awesome. This is also a little behind the scenes post on what goes into shooting this event, unlike the spectators the media are often at the show for much longer lengths.\r\n\r\nIMG_7992\r\n\r\nI rolled up to the show at about 1230pm on Friday – the setup day. As I was walking around with Cam Vernon we spotted Carl’s Aristo coming off the trailer. The sound of this thing is impeccable – a very throaty version of Mad Mike’s own 26b. Awesome. Might whip a little video together just to further the point.\r\n\r\nIMG_1595\r\n\r\nI was surprised to see Kyle waiting to park up with his dope 180SX on Kranze’s. I’m used to seeing this sideways drifting!\r\n\r\nIMG_8065\r\n\r\nPedey was rolling through with his new project car, all done just in time for the show.\r\n\r\nIMG_8069\r\n\r\nSitting on Work CR01’s, the car is definitely not a usual build in the Kiwi scene and a refreshing taste of what we usually miss out on.\r\n\r\nIMG_8160\r\n\r\nBut for now we needed to eat dinner – so Wendy’s it is. Churr. By this point it was about 7pm.\r\n\r\nIMG_8162\r\n\r\nBy the time we got back it was about 8pm. A long night was definitely ahead.\r\n\r\nIMG_8172\r\n\r\nAs we walked into the halls, all of the competitors had been told they must now leave – awesome. Now I can get to work. A definite favourite of mine was this late model Impreza, rolling on some awesomely fitting wheels. Clean cut.\r\n\r\nIMG_8184\r\n\r\nThis Corona had some seriously rad styling going on. Loving the giant front lip, the Watanabes and the clean overall look.\r\n\r\nIMG_8185\r\n\r\nNot to mention the tea strainers on the Mikuni carb’s.\r\n\r\nIMG_1628-2\r\n\r\nKelvin’s Capella was also something straight out of Japan. Very Kaido racer spec when most of our Rotary scene involves styling the cars with Simmon’s wheels and a bridgeport 13B.\r\n\r\nIMG_8194\r\n\r\nThis had an awesome classically Japanese inspired paint scheme with a dope set of SSR MK3 wheels, fender mirrors and a modern day rotary. A definite winner in my eyes.\r\n\r\nIMG_8189\r\n\r\nWhether it’s for the chicken or the car, Ant’s K20A powered EK Civic is a winner every time. BBS RS, Carbon Fibre, K20A, Bride’s, Takata’s – perfection.\r\n\r\nIMG_1624\r\n\r\nBut this just sets it off. The little wee Team Cream sticker on the front. As y’all should know we’re a big fan of the boys in their Cream mobiles and this sticker rings through.\r\n\r\nIMG_1642\r\n\r\nNow I’m quite sucker for old Datsun’s, and this 510 was no different.\r\n\r\nIMG_8053\r\n\r\nRunning an SR20DET under the hood, it’s surely not underpowered and no doubt goes incredibly well.\r\n\r\nIMG_1701\r\n\r\nAs possibly my favourite car of the show, Dale’s FC RX7 is hard not to observe for a while.\r\n\r\nIMG_1698\r\n\r\nRunning a set of Kranze’s both up front and rear, the car is the real deal.\r\n\r\nIMG_1671\r\n\r\nRunning a bit of stretch and tuck in the front, the staggered fitment on the car pulls through.\r\n\r\nIMG_1672\r\n\r\nIt’s running 18×11’s in the rear on 225 tyres. Do the math and you’ll see that doesn’t compute very easily.\r\n\r\nIMG_8266\r\n\r\nWe’re talking amazing levels of fitment here. This ain’t no fake wheel messing around bullshit, this is going hardcore.\r\n\r\nIMG_8256\r\n\r\nFrom all angles the BN Sports kit looks superb. Flaring out well, with a clean paint job over the top.\r\n\r\nIMG_1666\r\n\r\nAnother winner on many levels. Awe.\r\n\r\nIMG_8205\r\n\r\nAlthough not powered by a 26B Rotary, this Aristo was sitting flush over in the CJC stand.\r\n\r\nIMG_8298\r\n\r\nA car that caught me off guard was this Datsun 240K. This is the NZ New version of the otherwise known, C110 Kenmeri Skyline – yes we did get these in NZ.\r\n\r\nIMG_8137\r\n\r\nRepowered by an RB30, it’s had a boost from the original L24 engine.\r\n\r\nIMG_1699\r\n\r\nAnother Honda that was amazingly well presented was Daniel’s EG civic.\r\n\r\nIMG_7977\r\n\r\nPowered by a B18CR, the engine bay has been fully shaven and repainted, kitted out with an AEM fuel rail and a J’s Racing Intake, the car is an awesome take on the classic little EG Civic. Definitely one to watch out for.\r\n\r\nIMG_8286\r\n\r\nBest stand setup would have to go to the little Polo situated by the Rotary’s. Loving the idea of the ball pit, mixed with a well done Polo. Bride seats a clean look always come together well.\r\n\r\nIMG_1718\r\n\r\nAward for best S Chassis? Easily this dudes S13.5. Phoar.\r\n\r\nIMG_1730\r\n\r\nWhere to begin? Full wide Kit the whole way round and dish for days.\r\n\r\nIMG_1727\r\n\r\nLoving these Kranze’s on the rear. A refreshing change from LXZ model we see more often.\r\n\r\nIMG_1728\r\n\r\nOh and it even had a FW sticker on it! If the owner can get in touch, I’d like to feature this car at some point.\r\n\r\nIMG_1688\r\n\r\nOf course Carl’s Aristo was to be unveiled the next day, but y’all can wait for more of that in the next post.\r\n\r\nIMG_1732\r\n\r\nJust as I was leaving I was confronted by this clean looking 280Z once again.. Mad props to Pedey and Taryn for this one.\r\n\r\nIMG_8333\r\n\r\nAlso at the NZPC stand was Assistant Editor Marcus’s drift car build. The E36 has had a full roll cage fitted with a currently worked on 1UZ under the hood. Can’t wait for this to be done.\r\n\r\nIMG_8360\r\n\r\nSo by this point it was about 1130pm. I’d been at the showgrounds for nearly 12 hours by this point. But hey, I wouldn’t change a thing.\r\n\r\nThe big main day post coming soon, but for now, that’s the night before.\r\n\r\n-Chris\r\n\r\n 

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